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From Book to Athleisure, Avni Parekh Stylishly Reminds Us to “Be The Bigger Person”

“The book was just the start,” exclaims Avni Parekh, an award-winning, Indian-American author whose unique, highly-rated self-help book, Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself, was recently named a winner of the honorable 2023 Human Relations Indie Book Awards.

Talking to her over FaceTime on a bright, weekday afternoon in May, it’s evident the creative wordsmith is an overachiever by nature and always thinks outside of the box as a way to reach the masses. Earlier this year, Parekh launched an athleisure clothing line under the same name — Be The Bigger Person. “The clothes we wear serve as a powerful tool for self-expression; more importantly, they can reflect the beliefs and values of the person wearing them. Today, more and more people are expressing themselves through their clothing to make a statement in support of kindness and compassion. My athleisure garments are simply an extension of the book’s key messages come to life.”

Since its 2018 debut release on Amazon, Parekh’s efforts have paid off as her intriguing guidebook for millennials, Generation Z, and their respective families, have impacted thousands of readers.

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To add to that, her brand’s popular slogan, “be the bigger person,” has gone viral on Instagram Reels with millions of users viewing popular influencer video content expressing how they’d rather be spiteful than magnanimous. As a response to that reaction, the understanding scholar explains; “We all need someone to help remind us to be the bigger person during our most emotionally vulnerable moments in life. And, now more than ever, I think we all need reinforcements in place that aid our well-being and peace of mind.”

Fixated on the goal of bettering herself and others, Parekh knew she had to reach more people in order to make a lasting impact. Name-dropping her book, Be The Bigger Person, on a nationally, Twitter-trending Bravo TV show, Parekh appeared on the third season of the popular network’s hit docuseries featuring the nation’s first ever all-Indian cast, Family Karma, and quickly became a fan favorite. Reaching millions of people through another medium, it’s obvious there’s no avenue the entrepreneurial-minded, long-haired beauty won’t explore to make sure the life-changing message she holds dear in her life is internalized by others in need of emotional support and guidance.

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Prevailing over interpersonal conflicts by taking the high road, Parekh’s powerful brand came to life many years before Bravo’s uplifting show made its way onto television. Attributing the concept of her brand to an epiphany, Parekh tells me she was deeply inspired by being able to help others rise above life’s hardships with grace and wrote her well-received book in 30 days. As for the publishing process, she chuckles, divulging that it took four years from start to finish to make one of her childhood dreams a reality.

Parekh has made a name for herself in the indie-publishing world and is now carving one out in entertainment, as well as fashion. A voguish kid growing up, she confides that she “always wished” to have a clothing line. Parekh shares she got an early start in 2008 by designing and selling inspirational T-shirts as a hobby while handling the operations for a leading South Florida yoga studio. 

The enlightened writer and fashionista details how the incorporation of positive slogans in her gender-neutral athleisure clothing can inspire the person who wears it and elevate the spirits of anyone who reads the motivational messages imprinted on her unisex attire. “Athleisurewear that showcases positive affirmations and messages of peace can play a remarkable role in impacting people’s lives. It all starts with the power of visual cues,” implies Parekh. “When we see the same word or phrase over and over, it becomes imbued in our subconscious mind. After that, it begins to influence how we think and act.

Clothes with a positive message like ‘be the bigger person’ can serve as a reminder to ourselves and others to not give in to anger or any other negative emotion they may be feeling at the time, but instead, proceed with caution and try to be understanding.”

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Thinking about the bigger picture, the well-versed author divulges that wearing clothes with a message of empathy and compassion can help to create a sense of community. For example, she states: “When we see other people wearing similar clothes to ours, we identify with them. What’s happening is, subconsciously, we start to feel a sense of kinship and unity. Eventually, this can lead to the break down of barriers and create a more inclusive society.”

Spoken like a true diplomat and humanitarian, Parekh also adds that clothes with the “be the bigger person” message can operate as “an antidote” to not succumb to negativity or hostility.

Wanting to create a ripple effect of peace to counteract the violence unfolding in the world today, it’s worth noting that Parekh’s mindful clothes hold the power to remind people to maintain their composure, especially during difficult moments that test one’s patience as her guidebook suggests. She wisely remarks: “When we encounter conflict or rudeness, it can be easy to respond with that very same ego and negative energy. But, say in that instance, you’re looking at or wearing clothes with a message of compassion, that could be a saving-grace moment by reminding us to take the high road by responding with kindness, instead of engaging in a tit-for-tat.”

Elaborating on the domino effect that her mindful apparel can have, Parekh passionately says: “When we act with compassion and understanding, others are more likely to do the same. This can create a chain reaction of kindness that can affect not only our personal relationships but also our communities and even the world.” So, next time you’re getting dressed, consider wearing something that sends a positive message says the author with a heart of gold, “you never know how much of a difference it might make.”

All photos of Avni Parekh courtesy of Marcos Ventura. Photo of Be The Bigger Person book courtesy of Follow Be The Bigger Person on Instagram via @BTBPbook.

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